Vijaya Dairy Electric vehicle Launch

Launch of Vijaya Dairy Electric Vehicle

Eride is excited to announce the launch of Vijaya Dairy e-mobile outlets in Hyderabad city. We got the honour of securing the largest Electric Vehicle order of 200 units for the Telangana State Dairy Development Cooperative Federation Limited which sells its products under the brand name of Vijaya Dairy. With our Aims set high, this order stands as a testimonial for our capabilities and deliverables.

Vijaya Dairy e-cart mobile dairy parlors(Dairy on Wheels) are customized e-carts from Eride that come with freezers and chillers specially designed to transport and service fresh chilled Vijaya dairy products to the doorsteps of the consumers. These Mobile Ecarts are distinctively designed to cover the lanes and bylanes of the city, enabling a smooth reach of Vijaya dairy products to more than 100 wards covering most of the new upcoming residential areas in GHMC and other growing areas in Cyberabad region.

In a phased manner these Vijaya dairy e-cart mobile dairy parlor will be established across the State in all the tier two cities and towns as Vijaya dairy mobile parlors at tourist spots and temples serving the most trusted Vijaya dairy products to its customers.

The core idea of the launch is to encourage unemployed youth to bag the self-employment opportunities offered by Vijaya Dairy products through a sustainable livelihood model. Eride takes great honour and pride in partnering with the Telangana state government and its initiative towards green mobility and livelihood projects.

About the Electric-Vehicle(E-Cart): 

Approved by ICAT and RTA Telangana, our remarkable electric vehicles are a boon to the environment as well as the economy. With zero Environmental impact, electric vehicles reduce our carbon footprint while positively affecting the economy. These Vehicles do not have many moving parts, leading to relatively lower servicing times.

There are no expensive exhaust systems, motor starters, fuel injection systems, radiators, etc, which make the E-vehicles easy to maintain and eco friendly. As Electric Vehicle has less frictional parts compared to an internal combustion engine, there are lesser wear and tear complications and therefore lower operating costs as compared to conventional vehicles.

Ev’s have an operational cost of about 40 paise per KM in comparison to a cost of Rs2.70 per KM in conventional vehicles. Electric vehicles are strong enough to carry up to 500 kgs. within a range of 90 kilometers, for a full charge. Moreover, these electric vehicles don’t require any specialized charging hardware. Any normal wall power outlet as simple as a mobile phone charging outlet can be used for charging the vehicles.

Dairy on wheels

Vijaya E-cart Mobile parlour is a customized electric vehicle cart with a chiller and a freezer, which are Eutectic and can be maintained cool as per the norms of up to 12 hrs upon charging for 6 hrs.

The process to be part of this exciting opportunity: 

Telangana government through Vijaya Dairy e-cart Launch has initiated a Livelihood project and wants to encourage self-employment by giving subsidies on battery-operated electric vehicles. As part of this initiative, Vijaya Dairy calls to apply and identify interested candidates who are looking for self-employment opportunities.

Interested individuals who would like to opt for the program and become business partners of Vijaya Diary (The Telangana state Diary Development co-operative Federation LTD ) can visit the office.

Application form for Vijaya Dairy  Ecart Mobile Parlour is available at HO, Lalapet Tarnaka for Rs500 only. Selected candidates upon criteria and interview will be given an allotment letter by  Vijaya Diary as per their norms.

The actual price of a battery-operated mobile e-cart along with chiller & freezer is Rs 2,25,000. Selected candidates will get a subsidy of 30 % (Rs67,500) on Ecart .i.e  after subsidy the selected candidate needs to pay only RS.1,57,500. A bank loan is also available through Union Bank of India, Station road branch, near gurudwara, Secunderabad. Sanction of loan is subject to the terms of the bank and Monthly EMI is around Rs 3300 only. Once the selected candidate is ready to start, Booth and e-cart allocation will happen as per the normal procedure.

This initiative by the Telangana government is a unique step towards responsible and sustainable living. It is a win-win for both the candidate and for the environment. Let us reduce the carbon footprint in line with the Government’s efforts to address pollution levels in Indian cities. 

Small steps taken today will have a lasting imprint on Global Environment. 

Come, join us to make history!!