Livelihood Project in Telangana

Livelihood Project In Hyderabad, Telangana & Andhra Pradesh(AP)

Indian Electric Vehicles revolution

In India, the electric vehicle revolution has already started within the two and three-wheeler segments. There are a million e-rickshaws serving about 60 million Indians every day making up the second-largest collection of electric vehicles in the world next only to China. This blog shows the evolution of the electric rickshaw and the subsidy offered by the government of Telangana under the “Livelihood Project in Hyderabad, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh”.

The surge in the raise of the number is mainly because of the reason that these vehicles can be easily maintained and are affordable. It requires a small 15 Amp plug to charge these EVs at home. The ROI of buying electric vehicles is very good and the low running costs are an added advantage. The costs can be as low as 40 paise/km and a monthly electricity bill of only Rs. 1200/-  if calculated for a daily trip of 70 km.

Electronic Vehicles Growth Trend within India-Hyderabad, Telangana & Andhra Pradesh

As we look at the Growth trend of electric vehicles, one can find the number of electric vehicles in North India is higher as compared to the South. We can see that almost 95% of electric vehicles in Northern Indian belts are passenger vehicles and about 5 % are electric loaders. 

From the Northern states up to Chattisgarh, and from Rajasthan in the east till Assam in western India, higher dependence on e-mobility is observed. This trend can be attributed to the respective state government’s initiatives to promote electric vehicles to combat the higher pollution problems in the North and also to encourage the people from the poor sectors towards mobility.

Some of these governments have started giving enticing subsidies of Rs.10,000 to Rs.30,000/- to improve electric vehicle sales and usage. Whenever such government subsidies and initiatives are in force, many Nationalized Banks also come forward to give loans under their Mudra loan schemes for people under the poverty line. Therefore initiatives such as these by state governments can improve the gap in Southern Indian electric vehicle markets as well.


For the very first time, The Government of Telangana has come up with an initiative called “The Livelihood India Project”. Under the livelihood India project Telangana government through Dairy Development Corporation, Vijaya Dairy wants to encourage self-employment with subsidies on battery-operated electric loaders. As part of the initiative, Vijaya Dairy calls to apply and identify interested candidates who fall below the poverty line and who are looking for self-employment opportunities to be eligible for a subsidy on the electric loader vehicles.

Based on the candidatures an authorized body will scrutinize each profile and allocate the electric vehicles as per territory and as per the ward. Selected people are eligible for an outright 30% subsidy on the vehicles allocated. That means only 70% of the total amount needs to be paid. Even for the balance 70% amount, many bankers are coming forward to give Mudra loans making it even more affordable.

Under the Mudra loan scheme, the EMIs per person can be as low as 3300 rupees. It is a great opportunity for the self-employers taking that Vijaya Dairy assures earnings of up to 15000 to 20000 rupees with greater margins on the products.

Eride’s Role in the Livelihood Project in Hyderabad, Telangana & Andhra Pradesh

ERide, e-mobility company has been chosen to be part of this prestigious initiative by the Government of Telangana and Vijaya Dairy to custom make electric loaders. We have bagged an order for 200 of these electric vehicles. We are proud to introduce this beautiful product which has been customized as per the Vijaya Dairy and Telangana Dairy Development specifications.

The product is already accessorized with a chiller and a heater and is ready to be used. The vehicles are easy maintenance and can be charged at homes. Once in the market, it can be accessed on any kind of road or narrow lanes to freely service in gated communities, residential areas or any densely populated communities. The Ecart loader is an eco-friendly, quiet, superior quality battery-operated vehicle to reduce your running costs and improve productivity.

These electric vehicles will be provided in major cities of Telangana’s twin cities Hyderabad & Secunderabad, Warangal, Ranga reddy, etc and Andhra Pradesh’s cities of Vijayawada, Vishakapatnam, etc.

A future towards Sustainable Growth

ERIDE wants to take this opportunity to especially appreciate the Government of Telangana for this Livelihood India project initiative. We believe that with this initiative, a vast population of people under poverty can be uplifted and when aligned with bank schemes improve opportunities for a decent living for self-employed drivers, who are mostly illiterate.

Through the promotion of electric vehicles, the project not only helps with a vital service in livelihood but also raises the awareness towards environmentally friendly alternatives. With the help of this project and other initiatives such as these we expect a promising boom in the South Indian electric vehicle revolution contributing to eco-friendly and sustainable growth environments in the country as a whole.

Details of the Livelihood project are:

Vijaya Diary (The Telangana state Diary Development co-operative Federation LTD ) is inviting applications from interested candidates ( Male or Female ) who are looking for self-employment. Application form for Vijaya Diary Ecart Mobile Parlour is available at Head Office, Lalapet Tarnaka for Rs.500/- only.

Selected candidates will be given allotment letters by Vijaya Diary as per norms wherein selected candidates will get a subsidy of 30 % on Ecart .i.e., Actual price of the battery-operated mobile Ecart along with chiller & freezer is Rs 2,25,000/- and After subsidy selected candidate need to pay RS.1,57,500/- only. The bank loan is also available. (subject to terms of the bank) Monthly EMI is Rs 3300/- only. Initial payment Rs.8500/-


Devender Reddy

Eride E-mobility