E Garbage Collection Truck

One of the key focus of the government of India in the last term was the “Swach Bharat mission”, a campaign to encourage cleanliness and help India move towards Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). As a result of this movement, India has also seen an increased awareness of solid waste collection and handling. Many governmental, as well as non-governmental bodies, have increased their number of vehicles for garbage collection from the homes and streets of India. Although the well-intention traditional garbage collector trucks have been doing their waste collection jobs for a long time, an electric alternative vehicle is the need of the hour for various reasons. As the population and pollution rates increase, the responsibility to bring out a fleet of vehicles onto the narrow urban roads and streets of India needs careful analysis of the many challenges which might otherwise worsen the situation if not handled properly. Below we analyze a few main problems that electric vehicles can prove to be a solution for:

  1. The first challenge is that these trucks are so huge that they cannot get into narrow streets for waste collection. And most of the population in India lives in leaner lanes where none of the vehicles can pass through. Earlier municipalities managed to use manual pick-ups using wheelbarrows as a door to door waste collection vehicles that dropped off at the waste handlers located at the corners of the main streets. Although manual pick-ups seemed to be like a solution, it is a time-consuming process with a need for manual labor and did not guarantee waste disposal standards.
  2. Secondly, a municipal garbage collector pollutes the very air and area it’s trying to clean while driving through the roads due to fuel combustion. Most of them run on petrol or diesel and are the main source of carbon emissions. Most of these trucks are also noisy because of their fuel operated engines. So increasing the number of these vehicles can add to air and noise pollution instead of reducing it.
  3. Older model trucks are built bulkier with huge dimensions to collect more waste at a time to save on fuel costs; as a result, one truck tries to cover more areas trying to fit more waste than the loading capacity of the vehicle and sometimes also misses out on some unreachable areas due to its Goliath nature.
  4. Due to the size of the classic trucks and the number of stops the truck has to make, it creates a bottleneck for vehicles waiting behind them causing traffic problems along the roads.
  5. Most of the older trucks do not have a solid wet and dry waste separators as per the waste handling and management norms. They are manufactured in one size fits all and are not customization for different waste handling systems.

E-rides Garbage collection Truck Benefits:

  1. Our garbage collection vehicles are so compact in their dimensions that they can reach any narrow lanes of India and pick up waste from any corner of the street.
  2. Because of its size and collection efficiency, they are suitable for door to door garbage collections and can do multiple trips in a zone for better coverage.
  3. As electric vehicles are very silent they can be used at any time of the day or night. Garbage collection can happen silently during the early hours before daybreak and do not have to disturb the morning sleepers or traffic of the working hours.
  4. Their powerful and robust bodies are designed for intensive use 24 hours and tested to ply on roads with a capacity of 600kgs.
  5. E-garbage collectors can save on operating costs remarkably as they run on batteries that can be easily charged from any port and therefore avoids diesel or petrol costs. The estimated cost of running can be as less as 40 paise/km.
  6. These e-vehicles running on batteries, do not have any emissions or pollutants, making them eco-friendly and contributing to a better quality of life and environments.
  7. Our electric vehicles can be customized with partitions to separate wet and dry waste handling. A hydraulic jack accessory can also be added based on the customer’s preference.

Eride, e-mobility company is an environmentally conscious initiative working towards India’s EV revolution for sustainable living. We are happy to connect and help create better eco-friendly and affordable options for each of us and the world in general.

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