It’s World Environment Day on June 5th

But for how long can we take the environment for a ride?

An Introduction

The World Environment Day term was established on December 15, 1977, by the United Nations (UN). It has been celebrated since 1974 on 5 June each year, which is memorated the date on which the Stockholm Conference happened with the central theme of Environment in 1972. Two days after that first Environment Day, the UN General Assembly also approved the creation of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

From its inception under the aegis of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), the particularized bureau of United Nations (UN) for environment-related concerns and issues, World Environment Day is an important day to remind and create environmental awareness amongst people, society, communities, businesses and government bodies across the world. Over 197 countries are a part of this initiative and realize the importance of taking care of our environment and earth.

This year’s theme is #OnlyOneEarth. Let’s take care of it.

The immediate challenges the earth is facing include:

  • The rapidity with which the climatic is changing and increased heat which the humans and the nature are not able to adapt to
  • Extinction of more than 1 million species posing a peril to bio-diversity
  • Air, land, and water pollution worsen human wellness and loss of life

Some facts

According to research, 28% of the total greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution comes from burning fossil fuels that power transportation, including oil, gas, and coal.

According to WHO, nearly 4.2 million people die prematurely every year due to air pollution and India is among the top countries facing this problem. Air pollution has a direct impact on our cardiovascular health.

Yes, it’s true that transportation rides the growth of any economy but is there a way to ride growth without taking the environment for a ride?

Eride takes you on an environmentally friendly Ride

By replacing the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) with an electric engine, we stop taking the environment for a ride. When there is no fuel burning, there is no expelling of gases such as CO2, which contributes the most to air pollution also in the depletion of the ozone layer.

Another advantage of electric vehicles is that they do not emit heat and nor do they cause sound pollution.

Adding more, with Electric vehicles, we are not dependent on limited energy sources and fossil fuels

And to top it all, Electric re-charging is multi times cheaper than gasoline or diesel.

World over, approximately 27% of all greenhouse gas emission comes from transportation.

It is true that people, in general, are becoming interested in electric vehicles, and governments throughout the world are taking initiatives to speed up this transformation while tackling issues like building more accessible recharge stations or swapping battery services but it is important that the awareness around the benefits of shifting to electric should not lose momentum.

An interesting study on the topic “What if we all moved to electric by 2030” by an electric charging services company in Latin America came up with the following conclusions, which seem to be so simple and natural to have, yet are the events environmentalists are struggling to bring on since more than 4 decades!!

  • We will stop Ozone layer deterioration and it will be well on its way to restoration
  • We will breathe in a better quality air
  • Save the money that we have to spend on health-related problems caused due to air pollution
  • We will not have to fear limited energy resources
  • Will not have to worry about the air and sound pollution caused by combustion vehicles

The last 50 years have seen unprecedented modernization and urbanization of the world and to this day, challenges remain the same such as depletion of the ozone layer, toxic chemicals, desertification, and global warming.

Our environment, our earth is a gift for us mankind and as we celebrate World Environment Day, it’s time to pledge a return gift to mother earth, a gift of going electric, a promise that we will not take our environment for a ride. #OnlyOneEarth. Let’s take care of it.