E Food Truck in Hyderabad

Electric Food truck have become very popular in many major cities in the country. There are a growing number of food truck businesses in the current food sector and especially in a buzzing city like Hyderabad for a good reason. It is very easy to launch a food truck business with low investment and little or no overheads like space, rent, employees, etc.

Food trucks enable creative chefs to start their own operation for a much lower cost than starting their own restaurant. They also give easy and affordable access to variety of local street food to all food lovers.

For mobile Food truck owners, it is a smaller, safer investment than a full-fledged restaurant or cafe. However in the current market, food trucks need to stay at a single place burning diesel continuously to operate the kitchen and appliances. As the fuel prices continue to rise, the returns on the investments decline. Many food-truck owners are therefore looking for all-electric options when buying food trucks.

Electric trucks also offer a multitude of advantages such as extremely low running costs, no noise or exhaust emissions. These advantages make them an ideal choice for street sellers as well as the customers who can enjoy lower prices and a combustion-free environment.

With governments offering incentives to owners who go all-electric in every segment in transportation, e-food trucks is a good way to go green while making use of the benefits. If you are an owner of some food trucks, you may also look into options for conversions to electric. At eRide.co.in we can help you decide on the best e-food trucks in Hyderabad.

Eride has a fleet of electric food vehicles for different purposes with a wide choice of equipment like ice-cream boxes, cooler boxes, pizza ovens, etc. A refrigerated van is ideal for transporting perishable foodstuff that needs to be maintained in a chilled environment. Electric van with a thermally insulated loading bed help to maintain temperatures and street bars are equipped with everything necessary for work.

The Electric loader trucks can be customized and tailor-made according to the customers’ business needs at a very low cost. We are e-food truck manufacturers in Hyderabad. We also partner with banks to avail loans for youth for generating employment for Food Truck business and to buy electric food trucks.