E Passenger Auto Rickshaws In Hyderabad & Secunderabad

E Passenger Auto Rickshaws In Hyderabad & Secunderabad

A most unique trend in India is the use of three-wheeler especially E Passenger Auto Rickshaws in Hyderabad, India for public transport. There is a large segment of the Indian population voting for two-wheeler and three-wheeler passenger auto-rickshaws for many reasons. Indian population and roads are the major contributors to this trend. As the narrow roads, by lanes and the sharper turns are not suitable for bigger vehicles to traverse, two and three-wheelers make it easy for short-distance commuting.

The urban areas with its traffic problems are another reason that makes four-wheeled vehicles a time-consuming commute for the public. A smaller vehicle can make its way through the traffic congestion making it possible for people to reach their destinations on time. The gruelling wait times of public transport vehicles like buses and trains and the last-mile connectivity issues from the bus-stops and train stations just adds to the rationale for a major section of commuters to choose other vehicles to commute.

Three-wheeler passenger auto-rickshaws are not only convenient but also affordable almost as much as the public transport facilities. Unlike the two-wheelers, three-wheeler passenger auto-rickshaws have an added advantage of shared mobility where it works to vehicle-pool more than two people travelling to the same locations solving both the traffic and energy consumption issues. These and many other factors make three-wheelers and electric passenger auto-rickshaws an attractive option in the mass segment.

Indian roads have witnessed different generations of passenger auto-rickshaws. The auto-rickshaws can be goods carriers or passenger carriers. Passenger carriers are mainly the autorickshaws that share a great account with Indian history. From an old era, auto-rickshaw rides to the latest electric passenger auto-rickshaws we as Indians are fond of using the auto-rickshaws as our most preferred mode of commute.

Evolution of Passenger Auto Rickshaw in India

We have come a long way from the long outlawed auto-rickshaw puller trade where one had to hand-pull his auto rickshaws carrying the cargo or passengers through the narrow streets of the country.

Then arrived the cycle rickshaws where the gruelling back-breaking labour could be replaced by cycles and the rickshaw pullers just pedalled their way through the streets as the pace of commerce and the commute improved. An advent of auto-rickshaws made a major shift in the commercial market of India. Petrol or diesel operated automatic rickshaws helped India in faster trade and commuting.

The Indian three-wheeler market also saw the fading away of the passenger auto-rickshaws which were unsuitable for the drenching monsoons and stifling hot summers of India. Most of these passenger auto-rickshaw pullers shifted to more efficient auto-rickshaws now. A similar fate is in store for the fuel operated auto-rickshaws with the present rise in the manufacturing and sales of electric auto-rickshaws. Not only the economic feasibility but also awareness for eco-friendly options is driving the movement of electric mobility in the country.

According to Statista Research Department, there will be approximately four million units of electric three-wheeler vehicles and e passenger auto-rickshaws across India by the year 2030. The projected number also takes into account the many incentives offered by the government of India for making India an all-electric market by 2030. The government promises up to 250 thousand Indian rupees to the citizens to scrap their old petrol or diesel vehicles and shift to environmentally-friendly electric vehicles.

The Market Of Passenger Auto Rickshaws In India

India is the leader in the production, usage, and export of the three-wheelers or passenger auto-rickshaws in the world. Although China and India are the only two countries in the world for being the mass manufacturers of three-wheelers, Indian quality of vehicles has left Chinese competitive prices far behind in the global export markets.

The Market Of Passenger Auto Rickshaws In India

Every Auto Rickshaw Driver in the city is an adventure-seeking bike enthusiast by heart. It is just he got three-wheeler instead. – Sai Sarangi

The far superior quality standards come from the first-hand usage of three-wheelers or auto-rickshaws inside the Indian market as we constantly look for an efficient, quick and economical mode to move goods or passengers through the places where buses and taxis cannot go. With the more lucrative electric auto-rickshaws or battery rickshaw taking over the market, India still needs to catch up with the Chinese manufacturers in production numbers, although comparatively a bigger fleet of electric passenger vehicles are sold in India. As the government dangles better subsidies to encourage purchases of battery-powered auto-rickshaws, India’s e-movement can speed up as e-auto rickshaws are the highest section of vehicles used for transport by the public.

Electric Passenger Auto Rickshaw From ERIDE

To keep up with the market and the electric vehicle revolution ERIDE in Hyderabad brings forth electric passenger auto-rickshaws or E-auto rickshaws or battery-operated passenger auto-rickshaw of two types. We have maintenance-free open and closed e-auto rickshaws. Neither of them has an engine or gearbox and instead uses an electric motor and a small battery making it considerably easier to maintain.

ERIDE has gained more popularity with E Passenger Auto Rickshaws In Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Ranga Reddy, Warangal, Ghatkesar, LB Nagar and all the major cities of Telangana and is ready to deploy their Electric vehicles like

Moreover, it keeps your pockets and environment unharmed as they run on battery, reducing pollution caused by combustion of fuel and keeps all your worries about petrol and diesel price hikes at bay. All it takes is plugging your auto rickshaw into an electrical outlet to charge it and you are free to take an environmentally safer ride to any place!!