What are Eloaders?

Eloaders are electric vehicles used for loading cargo. They can take cargo load of different weights with a maximum limit of 500 kgs. They are strong and durable three-wheeler that come with different features to support different purposes. They are specially designed for heavy-duty work and therefore have a rugged body with special shock absorbers and heat-treated rear suspensions for better impact absorption. Electric loader are built with special heat resistant plastic body to make it more durable and non-corrosive.

Eloaders can be customized to the customers liking depending on
the business needs. An Electric loader can be easily converted to a food truck,a delivery truck or a public transport vehicle by adding or removing equipment.

Eloaders can serve a plethora of businesses and they also have a backspace for advertising your business or brands. They can be used as goods transport vehicles for urban and rural areas, factory site loaders, item handlers in warehouses, movable carts or stalls at an exhibition, transporters at theme parks, luggage handlers in railway stations and airports, or as heavy duty vehicles in construction and industrial sites.

Eloaders in cities

The new telugu states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have started working extensively to develop many new metro cities and have highly populated towns and cities with a lot of new businesses opening every single day. The hustle and bustle of the cities is proof to many thriving trade requirements. While the commercial activity keeps up with its pace with newly added vehicles on the road, it is also important to have environmental friendly alternatives to keep the city healthy and clean. Eloaders are 100% eco-friendly vehicles which run on batteries to keep up your commerce while safeguarding your environment as it runs on clean energy source and does not emit toxic gases or smoke.

A bigger challenge in the newly developed towns and cities is the smaller by-lanes and heavy traffic problem on every road especially during the peak hours. Eloaders are designed ergonomically to manoeuvre the narrow roads. While the vehicle is suitable to be driven into smaller lanes and bylanes the inside of the vehicle is very spacious with ample legroom and rounded edges and high backrest for greater comfort while driving. They have single switches for moving backward and forward making it easy to drive in the traffic laden busy streets.

ERIDE Electric loader Vehicles, are proven reliable cargo loaders and we also give you one year warranty for the mechanical and electrical component of these vehicles.

ERIDE is a Hyderabad based electric vehicles company that understands the local needs and demographics by personal experience and therefore can better cater to your requirements. Our doors are always open to your
queries and please visit us to interact and find out more.